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Adults 18 and over should perform these steps to straighten and size cord for their height and be safe!

1. Getting started: First remove cellophane from center of rope cord.
2. Bring a medium size pot of water to a mild boil.
3. Carefully submerge rope cord into the water with the aid of tongs or a large cooking utensil. After 1-2 minutes turn off heat and let cord sit for 2-3 minutes or until cord straightens.
4. Using tongs or cooking utensil, carefully remove cord from water and onto a towel. Cord should be straightened.
5. If it needs to straighten further: Repeat these steps if necessary or put cord back in hot water to make it straight.
6. Attach cord to handles by twisting cord on to handles after cutting off excess cord! (See instructions inside rope card).
7. See rope measurement guide to customize the rope for your height. (See instructions inside rope card).
8. Jump on smooth surface of wood, rubber or carpet and avoid concrete to prolong life of cord.

Rope Jumping is an ancient activity, where the only equipment needed is a jump rope (in other parts of the world it is frequently referred to as rope skipping or skipping rope). It was used by the aborigines that jumped rope as a form of play using flexible bamboos. Today it is used by many sports, and since a few years, it has become a very popular part of Crossfit training. Jump rope for weight loss is a common activity that is very efficient, burning 13 calories per minute for a 150 lb person at a mere pace of 120 turns per minute. Jump rope activities for kids are available on the Jump For Heart website, and acts as a great way to prevent heart disease and diabetes from an early age, while having fun. Buddy Lee’s jump rope work out is for everyone, from young to old and from people trying to lose a few pounds to serious athletes.

Sara Solomon, one of the Buddy Lee Master Jump Rope Trainers, has an inspiring story to tell of how she went from fat to fabulous and became a fitness model. She is one of Jump Rope Technology’s Jump Rope Ambassadors. On Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training DVD you can find jump rope exercises to get you started and take you a lifelong quest to being fit for life. Jump rope for cardio is only one way to use jump rope for your fitness needs. Once you become proficient, Buddy Lee teaches you high intensity training in his book Jump Rope Training. A jump rope length calculator is not necessary. Simple follow the below steps to measure your jump rope for your height.

1. Stand on center of rope with one foot
2. Tip of handles should reach to top of shoulders
3. Cut of excess rope or tie knots on side for short term adjustment

Jump rope fitness is one of the best ways to get fit and stay fit. Rope to Success!


Dear Customer: Please read the rope cord instructions for proper rope assembly and care of your Hyperformance Buddy Lee Jump Rope!


We stand behind our products and all products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Within the 30-day warranty, we will repair and/or replace parts or products that are defective in materials or workmanship. You must email a picture and a proof of purchase.


1. First adjust the rope for your height (see back of this sheet)!
2. During jumping, the jump rope should barely skim the surface, and not slam into it. If it does, adjust further.
3. Hang rope over a hook to let it straighten out. OR you can also keep it lying loosely in a workout bag. Do not wrap it around the handles. When jumping, if you are using correct form and the cord has been adjusted, the arc will straighten as you are jumping.
4. Avoid jumping in or storing the jump rope in cold temperatures such as a garage or in the trunk of a car. It will make the cord stiff and can also cause it to break when jumping.
5. Avoid jumping on concrete as it can wear the cord out. Jumping on other hard surfaces such as tile can also cause undue stress to your joints and/or shin splints.


PLEASE NOTE: The swivel bearings and rope cords are replaceable in order to help maintain years of High performance. The swivel bearings are designed primarily for Hyperformance speed and control with no rope tangle and will wear out quicker than conventional jump ropes.
Please refer to our ONLINE STORE to order our replaceable swivel bearings and rope cords.

Thank you and keep on Jumping!

Each Buddy Lee Jump Rope comes with instructions for adjustment.
It is located on the inside of the backing card.


The tip of the handles should reach to shoulder for standard length OR to the underarm for skilled jumpers.

During jumping, the rope cord should barely skim the surface, and not slam into it. If it does, adjust further.

If the rope is for a young person who is still growing, it is best to leave a little extra cord and tie a knot or two on each side, so he/she doesn't grow out of it right away.

Swivel Bearing Rope Adjustment for Aero Speed, Rope Master, Cross Speed
Tools needed for adjustment: Scissors

1. Screw the cord into one handle.
2. Stand on center of cord with one foot.
3. Pull cord up alongside body, until tip of handle reaches to shoulder or underarm.
4. Cut the free end of the cord.
5. Screw the other handle in.

Magic Speed Rope Adjustment (with Eyelets)
Tools needed for adjustment: Pliers & Scissors

1. Stand on center of cord with one foot.

2. Pull cord up alongside body. Tip of handles should reach to shoulder or underarm.
3. To adjust, pull cord through back of one handle.
4. Then use pliers to uncrimp 1st eyelet.
5. Slide eyelet down to desired length and secure by recrimping it.
6. Cut off the excess cord.
7. Check the eyelets before each jumping session to make sure they are secure.

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