Purple Aero Speed Complete Jump Rope Training System

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  • The Buddy Lee Hyperformance Aero Speed Jump Rope

    This rope is aesthetically the Rolls Royce of Jump Ropes and represents the latest in innovation. Now in new color! It was voted ''the smoothest, fastest, and best-balanced rope'' by Men's Health and was also featured in Men's Fitness and Men's Muscle. No matter what fitness level you are at, it will make you feel like a pro and make you want to jump! It is a Hyperformance Rope designed for the serious adult or youth athlete/ fitness buff. It is made for ultra speed (5-6 turns per second) and power jump rope training. The Aero Speed has 6'' handles made of T-Grade Aluminum for superior quality, durability and look. It is designed with Buddy Lee's swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. This advanced swivel bearing system provides you with high intensity jump rope training and makes jumping easy, effortless and fun. The Aero Speed innovative adjustment system also allows you to customize the rope for your height in seconds. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of Hyperformance jumping. The rope cord and swivel bearings are replaceable. Adjustable for people 6' 5'' and under. Please see complete sizing, adjustment and rope care instructions inside the rope card

  • Buddy Lee's Jump Rope Training Book

    Jump Rope Training 2nd Edition, published by Human Kinetics in 2010, is a superior portable training source for people of all fitness and sports levels looking to develop superior fitness or improve their sports performance. If you want to get in better shape and become a better athlete, Jump Rope Training is a proven way to improve both your fitness and performance. In his book, Buddy Lee, US Olympian Wrestler, Marine and Olympic Committee's Official Olympic Jump Rope Conditioning Consultant teaches you how to develop greater quickness, agility, balance, strength, power and endurance through his numerous sports specific and fitness programs. No matter who you are, you will find in his work programs for you to execute throughout the year. Workouts and progressions are included for warm-ups, cool-downs, fitness components, and sports-specific training with sample programs used by Olympic athletes and Gold Medalists. A US Olympian, 20 times US National and Arm Forces wrestling Champion, and ten-times international medalist wrestling champion, Lee has used his jump rope techniques to train top amateur and professional athletes in basketball, soccer, figure skating, tennis, wrestling, pentathlon, badminton, taekwondo, judo, volleyball, and swimming and more. With Jump Rope Training, you'll learn how to use one simple tool to improve speed, agility, balance, strength, power, and endurance. Lee provides clear instruction on a wide range of jumping techniques along with photos and illustrations to show you how they're done. Just 5 to 10 minutes of jumping rope provides superior conditioning for fitness or sports. Completely portable, high-level system for anyone looking to supplement training or stay fit. Get Jump Rope Training to improve both fitness and performance from one training source.This second edition also includes the latest on rehabilitation of sport injuries and optimizing body composition for athletic performance. And, to get you started immediately, Jump Rope Training presents sample sport-specific training programs for more than 40 sports.

  • Buddy Lee's ''Jump Rope Training'' instructional DVD or Video

    This DVD is designed for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, coaches, and athletes of all sports. US Olympian Buddy Lee Official Conditioning Consultant to 25 Olympic Sport Teams and World's Leading Jump Rope Training Expert teaches his proven system to people of all fitness levels and abilities to a low impact, progressive, safe, challenging and fun way to jump rope. His training system is endorsed by millions around the world to include Olympic Gold medalists. The DVD teaches you how to jump rope the right way to improve your health, fitness and/or sports performance. In 4 easy steps Buddy will teach you how to master the skill of jump rope, achieve correct posture, form and take off & landing technique (jumping only 1 inch off the surface). He will help you to become jump rope proficient, and then build up to 500 jumps, to 5 minutes of jumping and eventually to 10 minutes of jumping non-stop. According to research, 10 minutes of jumping can provide the same cardiovascular benefits as 30 minutes of jogging. In addition Buddy will show you how to maximize your jump rope training by demonstrating his 15 key techniques and specialized programs designed for developing superior fitness, toning, trimming, weightless, improved reflexes, balance, coordination, endurance, rehabilitation and improve athletic performance. Complete jump rope instructional DVD for anyone learning how to jump and would like to improve their technique, speed and overall fitness. (27 min. long). Gina Lombardi, Fit TV star, says ''it is the best video I have seen in a long time.'' Highly Recommended!

  • Super Interval Athletic Conditioning CD

    Super Interval Athletic Conditioning Elite Program. High Intensity Jump Rope Conditioning For the Championship Edge! Designed to develop rope speeds of 220-240 RPM (Revolutions Per Min) for improving athletic advantages in speed, quickness, agility & anaerobic conditioning.

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